Using Genetics to help your athletes be the best they can be!

Take your business and your athletes to the next level

partnersGenetic testing is a new and exciting area for sports. Once the exclusive preserve of elite coaches and businesses, DNAeX now enable Coaches/Exercise Physiologists/Physiotherapists/Nutritionists and Sporting Professionals to provide this ground breaking technology to their athletes.

We all know that your athlete’s requirements are going to be different.

  • Runners or a swimmers will probably want to reduce splits and get faster. For triathletes or budding Ironmen, building endurance is important.
  • Footballers, cricketers or tennis players, want more power so they can kick/hit the ball harder and further.
  • All athletes are interested in injury risk or advice on nutrition

This is where DNAeX can help. A simple saliva test that reveal information locked in your athlete’s DNA and help you to help them, perform better, eat better and get more out of life.

Talk to us about becoming a DNAeX certified reseller, improve your business and differentiate yourself from the competition!